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CVM lives and breathes telling men about Jesus. Our passion is that through grassroots men's work and through churches that are effective in reaching and discipling men, we will see one million men across the UK and 300 000 on the island Ireland introduced to Jesus.

Why men's ministry?

We exist to support the local church, our aim is to support you, your church and your men's group in reaching and discipling men. Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to build on your current men's ministry, our locally based team have years of ministry experience across Ireland and we specialise in providing teaching, evangelism training and consultancy. We want to support you any way we can in all those areas and with our ever growing range of bespoke resources and events.

  1. Men need to be in a "band of brothers," so why not start a local group for men from your church or a few churches? Do stuff together; shoot, run, swim, cycle, climb, watch movies, eat food, get away. It's how men typically engage with each other and how they build relationships. CVM has an effective and proven 4 Level evangelistic strategy for reaching men.
  2. CVM is a movement of men across the UK, Ireland and around the world. By partnering your group with us you will become part of this growing movement of 100s of men's groups and 1,000s of men. We have some cracking resources to help you reach men wherever they are; a list of over 250 evangelistic speakers, DVD training resources, church packs, free online Bible study resources, podcasts, books and much more.
  3. If you sign-up to support us as an individual you will be helping win men across the world to Jesus. PLUS you will also be provided with further resources specially tailored for men, trying to live in this world as Jesus would have them live. Receive books, fun and practical e-communications, podcasts, and much more.

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CVM Ireland Board

Ronnie McKee (Chair)
Sir Nigel Hamilton
Stephen Cruise
Stanley McFarland
Pete Browne

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